“Make no mistake about it folks, it Will Be Fun Tonight!”

Ladies and gentlemen… I have been fascinated by the “allure” of a party my entire life. Aside from the fact that I personally love to attend a good party, I have also always been enormously interested in the “anatomy” of a party – its foundation, elements, construction and realization. Being able to combine one of my greatest interests with my profession makes me one lucky guy! As a singer, entertainer, musician, host or master of ceremonies, I have been professionally involved in a long list of parties. Regardless of whether the job is a 60 year birthday party in a community center, a wedding, the European Song Contest, a town social, a product launch for Novo Nordisk or a summer party for the royal family – either going solo or with a full orchestra behind me – my mission is always clear: to create a unique and magical place in time that will be remembered and talked about for years to come.

Michael Carøe

Michael Carøe was educated as an actor at the Danish National Theatre School in Copenhagen. As an actor, Michael has performed in everything from the classics including Macbeth to musicals like Evita and Chicago as well as the Danish National Theatre’s huge outdoor production of Robin Hood in the Royal Forrest outside of Copenhagen.
Michael has worked as a host or master of ceremonies for a long list of events and TV programs. Michael’s recent performance on the Danish TV program “Clown” has suddenly meant being recognized in some of the strangest places around the world.
Song and music have always been Michael’s constant companions. For many years as a singer and entertainer, he has romped through a world inspired by the legendary Frank Sinatra and the musicality, elegance and humor of the Rat Pack. A world he merrily challenges by constantly digging a little bit deeper into all the musical styles. His only limitation is driven by the motto: “It Don’t Mean a Thing If It Ain’t Got that Swing”.